• C.B. Lindsay
  • Mucca Pazza

Ten years ago more than a dozen Chicago musicians came together to form Mucca Pazza, an outfit with the size and sound of a marching band that performs with panache and fervor of a punk group. To celebrate a decade of keeping things strange Mucca Pazza will play an anniversary show at Lincoln Hall on Tuesday, October 28 Friday, October 31. The concert also serves as a release party for their fifth album, L.Y.A., which they’ll release on their new label, Leather Bus Records.

To prepare for the bash we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the first single from L.Y.A., “All Out of Bubblegum.” The song’s title should be familiar to anyone who has seen John Carpenter‘s 1988 cult classic They Live—if you haven’t watched it, please rearrange your day to do so—though it sounds like the band got their inspiration from binge-watching spaghetti westerns. Take a listen to “All Out of Bubblegum” below.