Local rapper Xavier Holliday, aka XVRHLDY, takes to collaboration with aplomb. On his 2014 track with Hurt Everybody’s Supa Bwe, “Every Story Ever Told,” Holliday feeds off his partner in crime and slides in and out of his verses as if the instrumental was built to accommodate his every word. Holliday has struck gold again with “Polaroids,” a collaboration with 16-year-old Wisconsin rapper Trapo. Using a slightly reworked version of a loose, hip-hop-inflected neosoul instrumental by Chris McClenney and Iamnobodi called “Natural,” the pair emphasize the lax feel of the original track. Trapo’s performance veers towards manic, but Holliday brings the energy floating back to earth with his suave demeanor and easygoing flow. Take a listen to “Polaroids” below—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track and a Reader premiere—and keep an eye out for a forthcoming joint EP from Holliday and Trapo.