• Courtesy of Audible Treats
  • Noelz Vedere

May was a busy month for the local hip-hop scene—though honestly, there aren’t too many quiet months—so it would’ve been easy to miss Noelz Vedere’s Bittersweet Victory. If you need to catch up with the 24-year-old’s smooth, cool debut album, I’d suggest starting with today’s 12 O’Clock Track, which is a premiere of the video for “Censored Love.” Vedere raps about his romantic woes over a mellow, soul-inspired instrumental, while Chicago singer and Chance the Rapper collaborator Kiara Lanier handles the, um, bittersweet chorus. Below you can watch the video and listen to all of Bittersweet Victory—the free album also features Freddie Gibbs, Sir Michael Rocks, and Ben Official, among others.