Tuesday night London no-wave spazzes Pre play the Empty Bottle, their only show outside New York on this trip to the States. They’re in town recording with Steve Albini, working on the follow-up to last year’s full-length Epic Fits, coming out next year on the formerly local Skin Graft Records.  

Pre also appears on a much more imminent Skin Graft release, Sides 11-14 (scroll down a bit), the fourth in the label’s series of AC/DC tribute compilations. (The fact that Black Ice just came out is no coincidence at all.) It won’t be in stores till November, but according to Mark Fischer of Skin Graft the band will have copies at the Bottle.

[Update 10/21: Fischer just got back to me to say that, alas, the folks at United Record Pressing are behind schedule and the set won’t be ready in time for Tuesday’s show. You can, however, order one here.]

Sides 11-14 is a double seven-inch that also features Yowie, Colossamite, and Mule. Pre cover “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” Colossamite (members of Deerhoof and the Dazzling Killmen, reunited for this release) do a medley they’re calling “Anti-Christ Devil Child,” Mule (PW Long‘s old band, long deceased) are represented by a ten-year-old recording of “Have a Drink on Me,” and Yowie (a Saint Louis trio, recently re-formed with their original lineup) turn “Thunderstruck” into “Dunderdruck.”

The set also comes with a 20-page comic book, the first comic of any size Fischer has done since Gumballhead the Cat, which had a brief but spectacular run in the Reader a few years back. (Gumballhead has since lent his name to one of my favorite session beers.) As you’ve probably gathered, that’s the cover of Sides 11-14 above–click on the words “2 images” below for a sample of the insides.

Fischer also provided an MP3 of “Dunderdruck”:

There’s goodness coming from so many directions at once here I barely know where to start.