Yesterday I started sifting through a crop of 20 or so music videos for a preview I’m writing on the third annual Seen and Heard Music Video Showcase at Chicago Filmmakers on September 16. The screening features what are being described as “videos that push the boundaries and compliment [sic] the varied styles of cutting edge music.” Yeah, that sounds a little hoity-toity to me too, but the first half of the program has ranged from magnetically peculiar to just plain fun, and it’s clearly guided by a strong, sharp curatorial touch. The videos have been picked from local labels like Thrill Jockey, Grape Juice, HoZac, and Permanent, with a few repeats from this year’s CIMMFest.

My favorites thus far have come from Brain Idea, Outer Minds, Liturgy, and Oval. Check ’em out after the jump: