I’ve been down at my parents’ place combing through piles of things I’ve accumulated since I was a child—yarmulkes, foreign coins, and lots of doodles and scribbles I’m pretty sure I thought were worthy of Marvel back then. I didn’t expect these crayon-smudged pieces of lined paper to inspire as much reflection as they have, and even though I couldn’t quite recall what inspired my barely baked superhero ideas, the process of peering at these old creations offered plenty of opportunities to reminisce. Rummaging through my own past is part of the reason I’m taken by Unprepared Vol. 1, a small collection of previously unreleased demos from local producer Tapez.

The five tracks on Unprepared are fairly recent—the oldest is from 2010, and the newest is from 2013—but enough time has passed that those moments feel like the ideas exist in a specific, past time period. These untitled demos, particularly the nighttime gloom of the third track and the burping-glitz bump of the second tune, show a lot more spark than my old drawings, and it makes me eager to hear what work Tapez will release as a finished product.

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