Credit: Logan Javage

The Boystown gay bar Sidetrack always mounts an impressive spectacle in the Pride Parade—you can’t really go wrong with a bunch of scantily clad guys and gals thrusting their pelvises at the crowd from atop a moving platform—but this year, the back of the float was the real attraction: a mock scoreboard celebrated a 5-4 victory in the “Supreme Equality Championship.”

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling making marriage equality the law of the land made the thrill of the parade all the more palpable. The fire-and-brimstone faction made its regularly scheduled appearance, but there was no breaking the crowd’s spirit. I don’t know if many other people noticed (I actually don’t remember how we did), but at around 3 PM on the perfectly cloudless Sunday, a rainbow had created a semicircle around the sun. I’m not superstitious, but that can’t be a bad sign.

Here’s the day in pictures as captured by Reader photo intern Logan Javage.