This is from over a week ago, but I missed it while in the mountains, which is a damn shame. Basically, a University of Chicago law school professor posted some poutrage about our Marxian (his word, not mine) president. The subject of his fine whine: how difficult it is to make ends meet for a law prof/doctor couple making low-medium six figures living in an expensive house—a couple blocks from the president, which I assume to mean Kenwood, which contains some of the best housing stock in Chicago—while employing a lawn service, housecleaner, and nanny, and spending $60k on education and day care for three children while living under historically low tax rates for the wealthy.

Ezra Klein, Brad DeLong, and Michael O’Hare do a fine job pointing out that the professor needs to help himself to a steaming cup of shut the fuck up. But they still missed the thing I found most offensive.