Samuel Fullers The Baron of Arizona screens Saturday at the Bank of America Cinema.

  • Samuel Fuller’s “The Baron of Arizona” screens Saturday at the Bank of America Cinema.
  • As Hank Sartin reported this morning in Time Out Chicago, Bank of America Cinema programmer Michael Phillips (no relation to the Tribune critic) sent an e-mail to media last night announcing that the Portage Park repertory series would end after concluding its current season December 18.

    “We’ve known this was coming for a long time, but it’s still a shock,” Phillips wrote.

    “We’re pursuing our options, which include (1) trying to talk the bank into keeping the building open; in the event that it closes, (2) finding another venue in the neighborhood to move our operation to; and (3) finding a nonprofit organization that the bank can donate the equipment to, so it won’t gather dust or get auctioned. We’re in preliminary talks with suitable locations for (2) and (3); I honestly don’t think (1) is going to happen, but you never know.”

    Asked for details, bank spokesperson Diane Wagner responded: “I do know the banking center is for sale. It would be premature to say that the cinema is closing until I have a better understanding of when customer notification will take place. I think it may be sent out near the end of next week and am waiting to have that confirmed.”