Ben Greenberg

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  • Ben Greenberg

Brooklyn’s Ben Greenberg is always busy making new music, and everything he keeps himself busy with is usually great. Currently playing in punishing industrial noise-rock duo Uniform, Greenberg’s explored weird sounds from all over the place, having also done time in alt-rock outfit the Men, noise-punk trio Pygmy Shrews, and free-jazz weirdos Zs. This week he released the demo for yet another endeavor, Beat Depression. These six songs are supermelodic, punk-leaning rock, with some tracks raging on a double-time stomp and others laying back with acoustic guitar and mellow rhythms. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Invincible,” my favorite of the bunch. It’s a midtempo bummer-punk banger, its crunchy guitars and punchy drums offset by the down-and-out mood of the vocals. Check out the tune below, and make sure to scope the rest of the demo out on the Beat Depression Bandcamp site, like pretty much everything this dude does, all the tracks are gems.