There’s an forehead slapping story in today’s Tribune about Wauconda property owner Bob Wargaski, who wants to stop the local government from erecting a water tower. His strategy: build a metal pole barn to house 50 pigs. For those unfamiliar with modern swine farming practices, that’s a confinement operation known for powerful odors and environmental pollution. And he knows it.

Says the Trib, “The style of farm he chose is significant because the waste-collection pit could contaminate groundwater, unlike a typical pasture farm.” Because state law forbids water wells within 400 feet of such operations he thinks he can scuttle the water tower by getting his pig farm up and running by May. 

‘”It’s going to stink, but I’m fighting for my property,” said Wargaski.

Incredibly “Farmer Bob” seems to have the support from his neighbors. I wonder if they’ve heard of Farmer Smithfield.