Puig Detroyer’s best attribute is the name Puig Destroyer. Because punning on the name of grind powerhouse Pig Destroyer to incorporate Cuban wunderkind outfielder Yasiel Puig is just kind of brilliant, right? The gimmick, as executed by four Dodgers fans/musicians (two dudes from Kowloon Walled City, one from Curl Up and Die, and one from Thrice), created some ripples in the metal scene in July of 2013 when Puig Destroyer first hurled heaters like “Destroyer of Baseballs” and “Stop Fucking Bunting” on their self-titled debut. And in part due to ESPN never not including Puig in a highlight reel—as well as the general excellence in which he plays the game of baseball—the band hasn’t yielded much in their worship. In November came the EP Wait for Spring, and just last week Puig Destroyer premiered “Mike Trout,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track and a name Dodgers fans undoubtedly try to ignore (Trout is the other LA outfielder, if you didn’t know). The track isn’t as fierce (or as fast) as anything from the band’s previous output—and it does drag in its heaviness—but I still chuckled at the track listing.