Writing at the History News Network, Christopher McKnight Nichols slaps down several presidents and those troglodytes who still worship at the shrine of Mars:

The domino theory [that if Vietnam went Communist the rest of southern Asia was doomed to do the same] failed by the standard of its own predictions. Communism never took hold in Indonesia, Thailand, or more importantly, in any of the other large countries in the region, most notably, India. There was no cascade effect triggered by the U.S. departure from South Vietnam. The United States continued as an economic and military power. And now, America and Vietnam are trading partners, which President Bush should know as he visited that nation last year. Southeast Asia is a vibrant engine of global commerce and the region has closer ties to the United States now than at any time in the past.”

Thus with the liberals’ falsehood-based and unwinnable war from the 1960s and 1970s. Now the Cheney administration is peddling the same theory in order to escalate the conservatives’ falsehood-based and unwinnable war in Iraq. Nichols doesn’t say, but what’s up with imagining whole countries as dominos? Is that thought, or a substitute for it?