• David Michalek
  • Flutist Claire Chase: “We are only interested in ideas, not what we call them. “

A few weeks ago John Corbett (of Corbett vs. Dempsey gallery) approached Claire Chase, a virtuosic flutist and executive director of ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)* with the idea of creating a series of solo performances at the gallery. “We’ve been sporadically presenting music in our space since we started,” says Corbett. “And we’ve wanted to expand into the world of contemporary classical for some time.” Corbett met Chase through Chicago arts patron Lisa Lee. “The timing was perfect,” he says. “It’s really exciting to see these kinds of crossovers between visual art and contemporary music. And we’re honored to begin this series with Claire who’s not only a top-tier performer, but an amazing person as well.” The collaborative series premieres Saturday, March 17.