• Numb Declaration, Hebru Brantley

A little over a year ago, I interviewed artist Hebru Brantley. At the time, Brantley spoke about life as a street artist, Chicago pride, and his solo show at Zhou B. Art Center, “Afro Futurism: (Impossible View).” Since our conversation last March, Brantley’s career has taken flight. Last summer, he designed the 20th anniversary flyer for Lollapalooza, exhibited work at Art Basel, and made 110 pieces for his October show, “Yesterday’s Losers.” Although Brantley’s visibility has risen exponentially, he’s now taking a step back. His latest endeavor, “Trapped in What I Made Believe,” is a smaller, more concise body of work. For “Trapped in What I Made Believe,” Brantley created a series of oil and acrylic paintings—as opposed to some of his larger spray paint and sculpture pieces—and though the medium may be different, the playful graffiti aesthetic is thoroughly Brantley.