There are plenty of shows, films, and concerts happening this weekend. Here’s some of what we recommend:

Fri 8/17: Chicago rockers Sonny Falls find hope amid tales of despair. “On the group’s new debut full-length, Some Kind of Spectre (Sooper), they build on the foundation Ensley set, crafting rock ’n’ roll for open roads and making their passageways feel as big as the world. Ensley’s thoughts are grounded in reality; his lyrics navigate the complexities of drug abuse and the harm it can do to a community,” writes the Reader‘s Leor Galil. 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, $10, $8 in advance

Fri 8/17: Meet Juan(ito) Doe chronicles the lives and loves of Chicago Mexican-Americans. Playwright Ricardo Gamboa and the cast have created interesting, flawed human beings. “In less capable hands these characters could have become mere cartoons or, worse, romanticized agitprop characters, but native south-sider Ricardo Gamboa, who wrote the show and codirected it with Ana Velazquez, has the clear eye of a gifted comic writer,” writes Reader critic Jack Helbig. 7:30 PM, Free Street Storyfront, 4346 S. Ashland, 773-772-7248,, $5 or pay what you can.

Fri 8/17-Sat 8/18: There’s a good reason everyone loves Drake’s hyperpersonal rap-sing banger. “Drake’s ability to bare his soul over any type of hip-hop is one of the reasons he’s so successful; everyone can sense a little bit of themselves in the guy, which is just as important as the dude’s undeniably compelling hooks and verses,” writes the Reader’s Luca Cimarusti. 7 PM, United Center, 1901 W. Madison, $199.50, all-ages.

Fri 8/17- Sat 8/18: The Fly Honey Show promises something for everyone—except minimalists. “Now roaring into its ninth season, the ear-blisteringly loud, unabashedly proud, intersectional feminist extravaganza of spoken word, song, and dance claims some 300 ensemble members and 35 featured acts spreading their gospel of sex- and body-positivity and their multitude of legs over a five-week run at the Den,” writes Reader critic Irene Hsaio. 10 PM, the Den Theatre, 1331 N. Milwaukee, 773-697-3830,, $25-$30 standing room, $35-$40 general admission, $80 VIP.

Fri 8/17-Sun 8/19: Araby follows the life and jobs of an itinerant Brazilian laborer. “Araby is unmistakably contemporary in its fashions, settings, and physical behavior; the similarities to the past seem found rather than manufactured,” writes Reader critic Ben Sachs. João Dumans and Affonso Uchoa directed. In Portuguese with subtitles. 97 min. Various times, Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State, 312-846-2800,, $11

Fri 8/17-8/19: Crazy Rich Asians.
“Knockout visuals, a winning cast, and an irrepressibly feel-good vibe make this dazzling romantic comedy one for the ages; the only possible way it could have improved is if it had been a musical,” writes Reader critic Andrea Gronvall.  PG-13. 120 minutes. Jon M. Chu directed.

Sun 8/19: Chicago rapper Queen Key is gonna need a bigger crown. “On Sunday, August 19, she’ll be the only woman onstage at Lyrical Lemonade’s inaugural outdoor festival, the Summer Smash, writes the Reader’s Leor Galil. noon, Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento, $60, all-ages