Jim Kirk

  • Sun-Times Media editor in chief Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk reports for duty Wednesday as editor in chief of Sun-Times Media. His new boss, Timothy Knight, told the Sun-Times‘s David Roeder, “Under Jim’s leadership, we will increase our focus on local news and information.”

That gave me question one to Kirk. How can the Sun-Times, and the suburban daily and weekly papers in the Sun-Times Media constellation, possibly increase a local focus that is already just about 100 percent?

His answer, as I understand it, is that local will be more expansively interpreted. “Rahm Emanuel is a very interesting character,” he said, and not just to Chicagoans. He’s a national figure who grew up in the suburbs and went to New Trier High—of course suburban readers want to read about him! “We have the best City Hall team there is, and we need to get that content out to everyone,” Kirk said.