Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. left his job at AT&T to set up a print shop in rural Alabama, where he began tackling issues of race, gender and war with largely text based posters and art books that have garnered increasing international renown. 

Kennedy decries the term “artist” and calls himself a “humble negro printer,” and encourages anyone similarly inspired to “just make stuff”

Laura Zinger’s documentary about Kennedy, Proceed and Be Bold!, screens Tuesday in the the monthly Indie Flicks screening series at Sonotheque.

Also on the bill: Robert Lavenstein‘s short Sugarman Fly High, “about a young man who finds his own voice while discovering family secret,” and a trailer for Robert Henning’s documentary Hoopfest, which follows Whitney Young and Simeon’s high school boys basketball teams to the eponymous Kentucky tournament, featuring Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan.

Indie Flicks is Tuesday, 6-9 PM at Sonotheque, 1444 W. Chicago.  $7 includes free popcorn and drink specials.  Opening DJ set by Supertoy.  RSVP here for reduced admission.