• Le Grand Reve

As to why the Jarols put the house on the market just a few years after building it, Fish said by e-mail that the “home was designed when the owner had children living with them several years ago; now there is just the two of them and they are looking to move to a smaller home.”

Yes, 27,000 square feet is pretty fucking big for a couple of empty-nesters.

The Tiffany rotunda is awfully pretty, but I think my tolerance for living in a monstrous French bistro would be fairly low. Also I’d feel weird that I had the same architectural firm, the Landry Group, as Kenny G.

It’s yours for $28 million – which seems to be down from Chicago Magazine‘s report of $32m in June – or a couple hundred grand a month on a 30-year mortgage (my down payment would be around $2k, so you can probably get a better deal). Or, if you’re feeling cheap, you could buy an entire subdivision for considerably less. Too late for Scott Turow’s sort of grim former abode.