When I first heard the R. Kelly remix of Beyonce’s “If Were a Boy” I thought it was a brilliant idea, and that I would like to hear Kells jump on many more top radio hits to add his patented genius combination of R & B, pop, and complete lunacy.

Obviously so did Kells, which leads us to his brand-new Gangsta Grillz Demo mix tape, which goes the heavy on the beat jacking, putting new vocals on top of everything from Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” to, brainsplodingly, the-Dream’s R. Kelly tribute, “Kelly’s 12 Play.”

The major difference between R. and everyone else who sings along to the radio is that he more often than not improves on the songs, usually by making them much more insane and sexual than they were before.

On the already nasty “Fuck Every Girl” he brags about his “dick and a half,” and he livens up Kanye’s bummed-out “Love Lockdown” with a story about fucking a girl in a bathtub. His version of “Birthday Sex” basically takes Jeremih to singing-about-sex school, while his take on “Kelly’s 12 Play” is a multidimensional masterpiece of recursion, ego, and raunch that could only be topped by someone jerking off in Han’s mirror room from Enter the Dragon.