The outrage du jour is that some idiot faked a racial/political attack, claiming, in the words of Fox News executive vice president John Moody:

“was mugged at an ATM machine in Pittsburgh (my hometown) by a big black man. She further says he threw her down, then disfigured her by carving the letter “B” into her face with a sharp implement when he saw that she supported McCain, not Barack Obama.”

And… she made it up. No shit? No shit.

This is all about as interesting as the dude who used to stand at State and Dearborn with a sign claiming the FBI assaulted his wife, but two things caught my eye:

1. She Twittered the whole damn thing. Intertubes!

2. Drudge pushed the story from the beginning. Matt “rules our world” Drudge, the “Walter Cronkite of our era.” As an online journalism Web professional, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to emulate Matt Drudge. He’s killing your business. It’s like telling 7-11 that in these tough economic times, they need to peddle crack under the counter.

Update: “Seems like McCain just can’t catch a break.” A journalist wrote that. Via billmon, who writes: “I guess Drudge doesn’t just rule their world — he owns their pitiful souls as well.”