A couple of days ago Stereogum noticed a rather mysterious site called ratm82407.com that consisted of two countdown clocks (one ticking down to June 11, the other to August 24), a clip of “Bulls on Parade,” and not much else. If you viewed the source code you could see that it was connected to Live Nation’s site. And then some dudes figured out that setting your computer’s clock forward sprung the site’s surprise: the announcement of a Rage Against the Machine concert at Alpine Valley. Apparently the band’s nonreunion involves playing plenty of shows.

Your average concert—even a big one at Alpine Valley with a major headliner—doesn’t get its own Web site with a little countdown guy on it, so I’m willing to wager they have something big planned. What do you think? Big-time openers? The unveiling of an RATM-penned rock opera? Zach de la Rocha working up enough pissed-offed-ness that he sets an American flag on fire with his mind?