Mayor Emanuel’s campaign this morning produced a video showing that Jesus “Chuy” Garcia once jaywalked across 25th Place.

The crime occurred on a September morning three years ago, a spokesperson for the mayor said, at a time when Garcia was already serving as a commissioner on the Cook County Board. “It’s troubling enough that he thought he was above the law,” the spokesperson said. “But also, who knows what shortcuts he’d take as mayor?”

Reporters confronted Garcia with the evidence early this afternoon. Garcia, Emanuel’s opponent in Tuesday’s mayoral runoff, initially claimed he’d been chasing a hot dog wrapper, but then admitted he’d simply been in a hurry. He maintained that he’d learned his lesson and has crossed at the corner ever since.

When reporters asked the mayor to weigh in on the controversy, he sought to distance himself from it, telling them they should lay off Garcia. “I don’t think that’s a fair line of questioning,” he said.

But a source within the mayor’s campaign said more disclosures about Garcia may be coming soon, although none of them quite as explosive as the jaywalking revelation. “The election’s almost here, we’ve spent a ton on oppo [opposition research], and it seems a shame to waste the other stuff we’ve found,” the source said. He hinted that the campaign had evidence that on several occasions Garcia had eaten junk food for breakfast, and that he sometimes snored. “Stay tuned this weekend,” the source said.