Details are still sketchy, but I’ve heard from several different sources that USDA officials visited Rick Bayless’s Frontera Grill/Topolobampo/Xoco complex today and forced workers there to dispose of an unspecified amount of meat. The USDA also contacted North Pond chef Bruce Sherman and told him to expect a visit.

What do Bayless and Sherman have in common besides being world-class chefs who procure and prepare the some some of the most ethically and environmentally responsible products available? They were both also mentioned in my story about a pair of suburban stay-at-home dads who make and sell bacon and sausage without having the proper USDA certification

Mind you, I didn’t say either restaurant was using products supplied by E&P Meats. I just said they share da supplier—a farmer who raises his pigs naturally and by a USDA certified processor.

Sources tell me that these contacts were promtpted tbyt he story I wrote a few weeks agio—The Charcuterie Underground in whihc I mentioned

By the way, that a farmer who rasies ghis [igs naturally and has the processed in a USDA certified facilty/