Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson joins sign-waving supporters in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tuesday. Credit: AP Photo/Morgan Lee

What I looked for and didn’t see: an editorial, along with the usual 11th- and 12th-hour lists of Chicago Tribune endorsements, reiterating the Trib‘s endorsement of Gary Johnson for president.

You’d think the Tribune would have found space on its editorial page for a few words letting readers know it meant what it said in September when it declared the Libertarian its choice for president.

The absence of those few words sent a different message: the less said about that endorsement the better. Instead, the Tribune concerned itself with the Illinois house, which of course is also important.

I got up before 6 AM to beat the crowds, and still stood in line 50 minutes to vote. The voters were good-natured but seriously about their business, which was to weigh in—finally—on this grim and nasty battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One was going to be president-elect by the end of the day, and it mattered who. And although the overall vote in Illinois was considered a foregone conclusion, it mattered to each of us that we be counted.

“Nothing concentrates the mind like the knowledge that one will be hanged in the morning,” Samuel Johnson once said. But for many of us, the choice between Clinton and Trump came pretty close.

Someone standing outside the church where we voted letting everyone know Gary Johnson was also on the ballot would have been gaped at as an idiot.