The Tribune Company board met, the board adjourned, and CEO Randy Michaels still had his job. It was just another Tuesday in the Tower.

“I work here today and I’m still working,” said Michaels on his way to lunch.

So what does this mean, besides that you should probably ignore my previous post — the one that said he wasn’t expected to still have a job by the time the board adjourned?

It might mean that I need to cultivate the newsroom source who woke up today, read the New York Times story that said, “Tribune is Said to Seek Chief’s Ouster” — and didn’t believe it. “It’s a one-source story!” he explained to me this afternoon. “Who do you replace him with? Has anyone ever heard a peep from this fucking board throughout this whole fucking thing?”

Besides, he said, word in the Tower is that after all the layoffs and other cost cutting, not to mention a possibly competent entrepreneurial initiative here and there, every single Tribune Company property is making money. Which was certainly not true when Sam Zell took it over three years ago and brought Michaels in.