Rapping in Tehran

  • “Rapping in Tehran”

Hassan Khademi goes inside the the illegal recording studios and interviews the renegade practitioners of the nascent Persian-language rap scene in his 37-minute documentary Rapping in Tehran, screening Saturday 2/27 in the second Peace on Earth Film Festival and Saturday 3/6 in the second Chicago International Movies and Music Festival.

“Their lyrics about identity conflicts and sexual deprivation, the fact that young women sing about themselves and their problems, are reason enough to keep raiding the few studios in town and closing down the websites of the most famous singers and bands,” Khademi writes.

“The only consequence is that every closed down site spawns four new ones, the studios that are closed in one place re-open somewhere else and become more attractive to the scene. The music keeps spreading: via the Internet, through exiled rappers who broadcast their lyrics into the country from Dubai, via mobile phones or secret parties.”