Governor Bruce Rauner at the Illinois State Fair Credit: AP Photo/Seth Perlman

Welcome to the Reader‘s morning briefing for Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

  • Weather: A bit warmer and sunny

Tuesday will be another beautiful day despite the chance of a thunderstorm in the evening. Expect a high of 81 and a low of 69. [AccuWeather]

  • Rauner approves two bills targeting human trafficking in Illinois

Governor Bruce Rauner signed two bills to combat human trafficking, which he called a type of “modern day slavery,” according to Sun-Times. One bill forms a large human trafficking task force that combines legislators, the head of the state police, and members of the Chicago Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. The second bill “will provide medical assistance, starting in 2018, to foreign-born victims of human trafficking, torture and other serious crime,” the newspaper reported. [Sun-Times]

  • Study: Software meant to prevent gun violence in Chicago didn’t work

A study found that the software used by the Chicago Police Department to predict which people are at the highest risk of being shot didn’t decrease gun violence rates. CPD downplayed the findings of the Rand Corporation’s study, saying that its predictive analysis has improved. [BBC News]

  • Skokie woman joins Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has tapped Skokie resident and JCR Group founder Jovita Carranza for his National Hispanic Advisory Council, which met with Trump Saturday in New York. Carranza was a Small Business Administration executive in George W. Bush’s administration and currently sits on the Illinois Enterprise Zone Board. [Sun-Times]

  • Learning more about Chicago’s segregation issues

Racial segregation has been an issue in Chicago for decades. In a new book, The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation, WBEZ south-side reporter Natalie Moore explores segregation in the city through history and her own personal experiences. Moore shares interesting insights into the subject in an interview about the book with The Atlantic magazine. [The Atlantic]

  • Tracing Barack and Michelle Obama’s past in Southside With You

The upcoming movie Southside With You re-creates the first date between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in 1989. Director Richard Tanne filmed the movie on the south side and meticulously researched details of the couple’s daylong outing. Tanne insists that both Obama’s fans and haters can enjoy the movie. “First and foremost, I wanted to tell a love story,” he told Chicago magazine. “This movie is a completely apolitical animal.” [Chicago]