Former Chicagoan Ben Pirani has been performing as his R&B alter ego Benjamin for more than six years now, and next week the project’s full-length debut, Arriving, will be released on Cherries Records. Benjamin’s first physical release was an ultralimited two-song cassette on local label Priority Male, and a couple of years ago Cherries released his first vinyl single, “Love Is Gonna Let You Down” b/w “Not a Moment Too Soon,” shortly after his relocation to New York City. For Arriving, Pirani collaborated with another Benjamin—Ben Carey—and they slowly pieced together a funky, soulful, incredibly fun and sexy record full of undeniable smashers. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “N-E-E-D-L-O-V-E,” Arriving‘s lead-off single. The song is straight out of another era—its funky groove, murky melodies, 808 cowbells, and ripping guitar solo sound almost like something that would come out of an overhead speaker at a dentist’s office. The video for the clip is hilarious too, showing Benjamin trapped in the trunk of a spray-painted beater as it tears around Brooklyn. This record has been a long time coming for Benjamin fans, and it’s even more fun and solid than I had expected. Check out the hilarious clip and the excellent track below.

YouTube video

Arriving comes out Fri 11/13.