The Democratic gubernatorial candidates plead their case to the Sun-Times editorial board. Credit: Rich Hein

Reader‘s archive is vast and varied, going back to 1971. Every day in Archive Dive, we’ll dig through and bring up some finds.

It’s primary day, Chicago! Vote early and often! And if you’re still pondering your choices, here’s some commentary by Reader writers about several of the candidates.

Maya Dukmasova’s interviews with Daniel Biss, Sharon Fairley, Chuy Garcia, Fritz Kaegi, Sameena Mustafa, and Dilara Sayeed

Steve Bogira’s profile of Chuy and his mustache (from when he was running for mayor)

Mick Dumke on Bruce Rauner (and Pat Quinn, his 2014 opponent) and on the “grass gap” between blacks and whites

Hunter Stuart on his short-lived love affair with the “cannabis candidate” for congress, Benjamin Thomas Wolf

Ted Cox on why Joe Berrios sucks

Ben Joravsky on which of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates is the most progressive and the least likely to sell us out (with links to lots of other Joravsky commentary) and a heartwarming story about how Berrios pulled strings for his daughter in an aldermanic race

Ryan Smith on Robert Marshall and Jeanne Ives’s Twitter bots