*Appearance on David Letterman not guaranteed. (Under “Small Town News.” Once someone from Indianapolis sees the bright lights of New York….) Yes, the legendary American Science & Surplus does sell squirrel underpants.

In 1996, Harold Henderson profiled American Science & Surplus and its owner, Scott McCausland (who worked at the Pentagon during the McNamara years):

It may be easier for a poet to explain Tornado Tube physics than for a former management consultant to make sense of American Science & Surplus. “I’ve got an MBA from Harvard Business School,” laughs McCausland. “I still don’t understand how a company can survive by selling $2,000 microscopes and five-cent plastic pigs. It’s not possible!

Update Just browsing the AS&S sale section. I like the masonry for kids kit (“Suitable for kids with small-motor skills and patience”).

Update II Whoa, they sell pedestrian walk/don’t walk lights.