• Animal City’s See You in the Funny Pages

I got hooked on local rock foursome Animal City when I heard the first track from the band’s forthcoming See You in the Funny Pages (not to be confused with Paper Mice’s The Funny Papers). That opening tune, “Worst Kinda Crush,” has a charming lo-fi organ melody that wormed its way into my head and had me playing it over and over again. And that’s just one of 16 tracks from Animal City’s second album.

On See You in the Funny Pages Animal City mix rugged postpunk, carefree power-pop, outre soul, and even bits of lounge for an odd and endearing listening experience. Throughout the album the band manages to invoke well-known indie acts such as Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (on the ebullient “Anna Got a Devito”) and the XX (in the cold guitar-line on “Orphan Husband”) while keeping everything grounded in its intimate, enthusiastic, and off-kilter sound.

Sophomore Lounge will release See You in the Funny Pages on Tue 2/19, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of it. Take a listen to the album and prepare for Animal City’s record release show at the Empty Bottle on Sat 2/23; it’s part of the Chicago Mixtape’s two-year anniversary, and the whole thing starts at 9 PM.