• The Funny Papers

Updated When I listened to Paper Mice to preview their set at Ian’s Party earlier this year, I was floored that the trio could pull off their spastic, freakish postpunk with such uncanny precision. Held together by the colorful—and flat-out unreal—drumming of John Carroll, the band seems to jump from one bizarre time signature to another with every track, all without obscuring the warped and slightly cracked melodies of guitarist-vocalist Dave Reminick and bassist Adam McCormack.

Their newest album, The Funny Papers (Three One G), is more cohesive than its predecessor, Paint It Pink, and some of the songs actually break the two-minute mark. It’s still scatterbrained in the best way—it wouldn’t be a Paper Mice record if it didn’t push you to the edge of saying “What the hell is happening?”—but it’s as unified as it is eccentric. There’s some Wire in there, some Dismemberment Plan, and some Arab on Radar, all tied together with spit and Silly String.