Local singer-songwriter Kevin Rieg started Many Places as a solo project back in 2009, and in a few years’ time he had enough tracks to release a full-length, last year’s Another Oath. Many Places’ debut is filled with stark and moody folk tracks littered with field recordings; the understated “Blankenship,” for instance, gets a shot of tension when the sound of a whistling kettle pops up at the song’s midway point.

Rieg roped in a few other musicians to help him play Many Places’ songs live, and the project turned into a full-band effort: the four-piece recorded a five-track EP called Home + Departed at Humboldt Park studio Minbal. Rieg’s bandmates have helped him flesh out his sound, creating rugged melodies to support the front man’s trembling voice. Local label Tandem Shop will release Home + Departed on Tue 2/12; we’ve got the exclusive stream below, and you can check out Another Oath over at Many Places’ Bandcamp page.