Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

It’s uncertain whether Tchaikovsky died from cholera or committed suicide, but it is certain that he wrote a great ballet. In its 26th year, the Robert Joffrey-choreographed version of The Nutcracker, set in 19th-century America, features more than 100 dancers from the area performing alongside Joffrey company at Auditorium Theatre. As far as holiday traditions go, this one is high on the list.

We just need to admit that the month of December is about sloth and gluttony and getting fat. At the Tasting Table Open Market at Block 37, 30 chefs from spots like Nellcote and Bang Bang! Pie will be on hand to feed you; tomorrow 40 artisans will sell you special treats to take home and, uh, give as gifts.

The first Chicago Serbian Film Fest kicks off at Muvico Theatres in Rosemont. Read Ben Sachs’s write-up here.

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