Big Daddy Kane
  • Jonathan Mannion
  • Big Daddy Kane

Looking for something to do today? Agenda’s got you covered:

At DANK Haus, learn how to prepare the traditional German dish birnen, bohnen, und speck: pears, green beans, and bacon. Reservations required.

“One of hip-hop’s first truly great writers, Big Daddy Kane released a string of virtuosic recordings—beginning with his 1988 debut album, Long Live the Kane—that convinced rappers that time spent hunched over a lyric book is just as if not more important than time in front of the microphone,” writes Miles Raymer in Soundboard. Catch Kane’s set at the Shrine, alongside Ruby Yo!

The Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, features stars of both LA Ink and NY Ink. There’s also a suspension act, a sideshow, and other sorts of entertainment that hearken back to the days when tattoos were still weird.

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