• Charlie Murphy

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

We have Dave Chappelle to thank for bringing to television the greatest story ever told, aka Charlie Murphy’s autobiographical account of the time he spent hanging with coke-fueled maniac Rick James (RIP). Eddie gave us Axel Foley, but Charlie gave us “Fuck yo couch.” Murphy performs tonight and tomorrow at Chicago Improv.

It makes sense that a theater devoted to competitive comedy would emulate one of the hallmark tournaments in U.S. sports. Like its college basketball predecessor, the Comedy March Madnezz Tournament is all about the bracket. It features more than 60 comedians split into 12 divisions determined by the player’s college alma mater. Teams compete for laughs as the bracket is whittled down, culminating in a championship match on March 29. See the madness at ComedySportz Theatre.

There’s a monster mash going down at Sears Centre Arena, but it has nothing to do with the staple Halloween song. Instead, you can watch monster trucks compete at Monster Nite Out, which also features games and the chance to meet the truck drivers.

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