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  • Ribfest Chicago

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

This weekend head down to the West Loop to have your picture taken—again and again and again—at this year’s International Photobooth Convention. Photobooth experts, refurbishers, and collectors will be on hand to talk shop about vintage machines and probably to keep you from breaking anything. It all starts tonight with a party and exhibition at A&A Studios.

Ribs. Beer. Rock. These are basic human needs. Luckily, all will be amply provided at this weekend’s Ribfest, which kicks off today with a major league eating contest, performances by bands including Terriers and The Addies, and, of course, ribs from sixteen restaurants that are expected to provide about 25 tons of barbecue over the course of the festival. How many of those tons you put on is entirely up to you.

Ever wondered what would happen if the luminaries of Chicago’s underground rock scene got together to do a night of Beyonce covers? You’re in luck! Tonight, to support the arts programs at Bucktown’s Drummond Montessori school, the Empty Bottle hosts a show called “A Tribute to Beyonce, America’s Greatest Montessorian” that is set to feature weirdo rock-provocateur Bobby Conn, Tim Kinsella of Cap’n Jazz and Owls, and experimental guitarist Matthew Hale Clark, among others. If the possibility of hearing a psych-rock cover of “Single Ladies” somehow doesn’t pique your interest, remember: it’s a benefit show. Do it for the children.

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