• Puterbaugh Sisters

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

The Whistler hosts Movieoke, which is exactly what it sounds like: over 300 scenes from various popular films are projected in silence as participants recite the actors’ lines. It’s a good thing this is taking place in a bar, because I imagine it will take a good amount of adult beverages to work up the courage to do it—not unlike regular karaoke.

If public movie quoting isn’t your thing, then check out Write Club, a story-writing competition in which two participants go head-to-head, each given seven minutes to pen an original work of fiction based around specific themes. Tonight’s themes: salty vs. sweet, smooth vs. rough, old vs. new.

Abandon your regular lunchtime smoke break, nap, or illicit tryst for something a bit classier. Join the Chicago Chamber Musicans as they present First Monday, a monthly lunch-hour concert series. This month features cafe music by Astor Piazzolla and Paul Schoenfield. —Jamie Keiles

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