• Mutilation Rites

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

The Casket Girls may be one of the more intriguing, mysterious musical acts to come out in the last few years. Their Facebook page states that their genre is “eerie pop” and that their sole musical influence is “David Lynch.” If that doesn’t draw you to their show tonight at Empty Bottle, you should also know that it’s free.

Mutilation Rites, playing tonight at Cobra Lounge, list their musical influences as “suicide, depression, vices.” This Brooklyn black-metal band insists on sustaining the integrity of their genre, or, as Reader contributor Miles Raymer writes, “the old-school aesthetic purity that “true kvlt” fans insist on.” Full of Hell, Cove, Moral Void, and Thieves open.

Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Lange share the screen in In Secret, director Charlie Stratton’s adaptation of Emile Zola’s passion-filled novel Thérèse Raquin (1867). J.R. Jones writes, “In Secret gives them a chance to face off, though their characters share a loving bond at the outset; only at the very end does one realize they’ve been the central antagonists all along.” Now playing at AMC River East and Regal Webster Place 11.

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