Chicago Fringe Festivals Generation Sex: Get Connected
  • Amanda De La Guardia
  • Chicago Fringe Festival’s Generation Sex: Get Connected

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

Celebrate Labor Day as the the gods intended, with barbecue and champagne at City Winery’s Bubbly-Q. Performances by Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Charlie Parr, and more.

Fringe festivals, for the uninitiated, are uncensored, rapid-fire smorgasbords of puppetry, dance, theater, spoken word, and more. Now in Jefferson Park, the Chicago Fringe Festival features a lineup chosen by lottery. Among today’s performances are a rap musical, a play about a slap-bracelet time machine, and something called Boobs and Hope.

On Thin Hymns’ new four-song cassette, All Around You, the art-rock group seems far more confident than a band with only two releases to its name. The music is at once expansive, murky, and gorgeous, with addictively weird harmonies and an opening bass line that is “so strong and seductive that they could sing the Sesame Street theme over it and I’d still be hooked,” says Peter Margasak. They headline tonight at the Empty Bottle.

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