• Courtesy Kevin Turk
  • International Tom Hanks Day

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Find out all you need to know about your morning caffeine boost at this year’s CoffeeCon, happening today at Zhou B Art Center. The all-day event offers classes in brewing, grinding, and the science of coffee, along with tastings, live music, and hourly giveaways. George Howell, founder of the Coffee Connection, delivers the keynote speech.

International Tom Hanks Day is exactly what it sounds like: groups of Hanks aficionados gather in cities across the globe to celebrate the two-time Oscar winner. There will be movies, drink and food specials, a raffle featuring autographed memorabilia, and a toast to the man of the hour. Lest this sound like a cultish ritual, Hanks himself has given the event his own seal of approval, and all proceeds go to his favorite charity, Lifeline Energy. Headquarters Beercade hosts the celebration.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best reason to spend $300 this Saturday. At the 12th annual CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights, crate diggers scour the depths of collections—set up by stores, labels, and independent dealers—blowing off dust from each piece of vinyl and obsessing over the faintest of scratches. There will be DJ sets throughout the day, food, and beer. You can even enter true vinyl dorkdom with early-bird access (8-10 AM) for $25. The event is held at Plumbers Hall.

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