• Promic-Con

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

Remember what Wicker Park was like before The Real World filmed there? So does the Piranha Club. This month the supper club pays tribute to the legendary Leo’s Lunchroom, where you could get everything from pon pon ji to Colombian rabbit stew to a bowl of chili, all made from scratch, all budget friendly, all really, really good.

If you read what Reader music critic Peter Margasak writes, you just might like the new Frequency Series, a weekly music showcase he curates at Constellation. Tonight’s open house features local contemporary-music collective Ensemble Dal Niente and the experimental outfit Green Pasture Happiness.

If your high school prom was lame, it’s probably because not a single person was dressed as a storm trooper or Sailor Moon or a random anthropomorphized animal. Promic-Con, which takes place at SAIC’s ballroom, promises cosplay and other nerdy stuff that’s fun now that you’re not a self-conscious teenager.

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