Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered:

  • Courtesy British Film Institute
  • The Hitchcock 9

Teriyaki gets kind of a bum rap for being one of those “safe” foods, a staple for unadventurous American-mall regulars. But the dish is still part of the history of the Ginza Festival, a spectacle that’s been bringing white people to the Midwest Buddhist Temple temple for 58 years. And it’s still on the menu, as are traditional music, dance, and goods from Waza artisans.

The Lodger wasn’t Alfred Hitchcock’s first film, but it was, in the director’s own words, the “first true Hitchcock movie.” Yes, it’s about dead blonds. It’s also one of today’s entries in the Hitchcock 9, a minifestival of Hitch’s existing silent films, all freshly restored with new scores performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. Catch them all at Music Box.

The 38th annual Armenian Festival celebrates Armenian food and culture, with live music and dancing, raffles, and an appearance by chef Carrie Nahabedian of Naha and Brindille.

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