A Day in Avondale

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Ever play beer die? It’s a spin on beer pong, but with players tossing a die at their opponents drinks. If you miss the table on your shot, you drink. You also drink if you screw up any of the other rules, so all in all, it seems like an OK game. Goose Island hosts the Chicago Beer Die Tournament at Schubas. If you think you’ve got what it takes, put a team together—grand prizes are a bike and a Bears jersey.

A wealthy but naive Englishman masquerades as a handyman in an attempt to pass on his Marxist ideals to the students of an all-girls school in Smash at Evanston’s Piccolo Theatre. The Reader‘s Albert Williams says “Lively performances under Michael D. Graham’s direction imbue this trim, intimate production with an engaging sense of screwball whimsy.”

Chicago Artists Month kicks off early at A Day in Avondale. The northwest-side event will feature more than 25 art installations and performances, along with a sofrito cooking class with artist Jorge Felix. As if the sofrito wasn’t enough to sell you, there will also be jams from Moe’s Tavern and edible sculptures from La Farine Bakery.

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