Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

The Reader‘s Peter Margasak says this year’s Hyde Park Jazz Festival has “the boldest, biggest, most comprehensive program in its history.” The fest is hosting 32 performers, including Dee Alexander, Anat Cohen, Ken Vandermark, and Gerald Clayton.

Presented by the Seldoms and set in a landfill, choreographer Carrie Hanson’s dance Monument provides a critique of consumerism. “It’s a cynical interpretation of what it means to be a consumer and a citizen that, if accurate, makes us utterly vulnerable,” says the Reader‘s Jena Cutie. Read her write-up here.

Break out your lederhosen and scarf down the beer and sausage—Saint Alphonsus’s annual Oktoberfest is coming to town! Food, music, and games will be available for your drunken revelry.

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