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  • Ride ’em, cowboy

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

It used to be that all the bulls that arrived in this town were doomed to imminent death in the slaughterhouses. Now they get to live and do their damnedest to throw off any of the professional bull riders who dare to climb on their backs. Check out 35 of the world’s best at the Allstate Arena tonight.

Redtwist Theatre presents Elemeno Pea, a satire about two sisters who have very different ideas about wealth, class, and entitlement. Marissa Oberlander writes, “Molly Smith Metzler’s 2011 satire juggles humor and pathos to mixed effect, but strong acting keeps things lively.”

Hiss Golden Messenger makes its Chicago debut tonight at Schubas. Peter Margasak writes of the band’s latest album in Soundboard, “The arrangements draw on a wide swath of Americana—blues, country rock, old-time styles—as well as incorporating environmental sounds, but they also have an easygoing yet sharply executed pop feel that alternately suggests a more rustic Joe Henry and a more earthbound Van Morrison.”

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