• Courtesy Northwestern University Relations
  • Zoran Dukić

Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

Marching-band geeks and Doctor Who enthusiasts, look no further in your search for a soulmate. Nerds at Heart hosts Dating for Nerds, a singles night at Abbey Pub loaded with board games, trivia, and chats about geeky hobbies. Registration is required.

The Segovia Classical Guitar series, a celebration of up-and-coming international talents, kicks off its 21st year. Today Croatian guitarist Zoran Dukić performs at Northwestern University’s Lutkin Hall.

The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival comes to a close tonight. The final day of the fest includes the high schoolers of Hey, Look a Pig! and Damn It Janet, a show based entirely on the singles of Janet Jackson. Check it all out at Stage 773.

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