Looking for something to do today? Agenda’s got you covered:

Some yahoos started a petition to declare the Monday following the Super Bowl a national holiday. Pretty ridiculous, huh? But consider the amount of queso dip you’re going to guzzle and the alarming number of pizza slices you’re going to strategically place inside your body. So party today and take tomorrow off.

With the formidable Reeling Film Festival on hiatus, the Little Queer Film Festival has modestly stepped into its place to promote LGBT filmmaking, featuring a lineup of six films screening at the Center on Halsted.

At Reggie’s Rock Club, Norwegian black-metal band Enslaved perform in support of their latest LP, Riitiir, an album that’s “absolutely packed with serious black/progressive metal: heavy riffing, blastbeats, sweet instrumental interludes, even an actually scary whiff of Mellotron,” according to Monica Kendrick.

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