Looking for something to do today? Agenda‘s got you covered.

The Chicago Nerd Social Club hosts a Pi(e) Day celebration, complete with a contest for those of you who can list the digits to the right of the decimal point. But even though it’s not technically Pi(e) Day (National Pie Day is on January 23 and Pi Day is on March 14, of course), there’s a pie-baking competition (total points possible in the judging: 3.14) and admission to the event is free if you bring a pie.

White Light Cinema is screening two documentaries from artist Dan Graham tonight. First there’s Rock My Religion (1984), which explores the relationship between rock music and religion, followed by Minor Threat (1983), which follows the band by the same name as they perform at CBGB.

Of listening to Nick Hennies’s music, Reader contributor Leor Galil writes, “I can almost feel the air grow chilly as fog rolls in and rain starts to fall. Then the string players start doing something that sounds like they’re clawing at their instruments, and the piece leaps past foreboding into terrifying.” He performs tonight at Constellation. Nicholas Szczepanik opens.

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